JMLEGAZEL footwear is a fresh modern luxury. These finest quality shoes, boots and accessories are collected by renegade sartorialists, creatives, freethinkers and all those who appreciate the unexpected fusion of expert craftsmanship with an audacious, adventurous spirit. JMLEGAZEL is one part dandy, one part disruptor: each premium pair is grounded by the rich heritage of traditional Parisian shoe-making, while challenging and innovating the definition of a classic.


The distinctive signature of JMLEGAZEL is its custom-created patina — a wearable work of art by highly skilled artisans trained in the company’s Paris atelier. In the hands of these masters, supple French leather from Les Tanneries Du Puy becomes the ultimate canvas for self-expression, and the foundation of inspired personal style. JMLEGAZEL offers ready-to-wear derbies, oxfords, loafers, boots and more in an array of sophisticated colors and lustrous finishes, and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with clients to bring their unique visions to life on iconic silhouettes.


Founded in Paris by Jean-Marie GAZEL, the acclaimed young street artist and graduate of École des Beaux-Arts, JMLEGAZEL has expanded its global footprint under the auspices of Thierry and Valérie. JMLEGAZEL’s Manhattan atelier — the brand’s first location in North America — offers the city’s best dressed a certain savoir-faire through its unique approach to luxury footwear (all hand-painted in New York) and a commitment to impeccable customer service.