Aficionados of the gentleman’s shoe are well aquatinted with patina, but no one does it quite like JMLEGAZEL. Our artisans are unmatched when it comes to coaxing unique character out of the finest French leather and transforming each premium pair from impeccable to extraordinarily you. Hand-treated with exceptional materials to achieve a pleasingly distressed yet polished look, and masterfully finished with a bold, modern attitude, JMLEGAZEL is that long-sought-after accessory: world-class footwear just as colorful, creative and confident as your personality.

From Inspiration to Creation

Clients' work of art
It all starts with intensive training in our Paris workshops, where highly skilled colorists perfect the art of achieving the signature JMLEGAZEL patina. This process is informed by traditional custom handwork, passed down by generations of world-class European shoemakers and reinvented for contemporary shoe-lovers by Jean-Marie Gazel, the legendary young graffiti artist turned designer. Jean-Marie has adapted his renegade artistry into a bold use of color, innovative techniques to achieve brilliant shine and durability, and an obsessive interest in creating collectible, wearable works of art. Combining heritage with the here and now, JMLEGAZEL’s patina is in a category all its own.
In the hands of our master colorists, luxurious French leather from Les Tanneries Du Puy becomes the ultimate canvas for self-expression, and the foundation of inspired personal style. With heritage techniques, finely crafted tools and a daring use of premium pigments, dyes and waxes, these craftsmen and women create high-low contrasts to mimic the exquisite look of a well-loved shoe; add rich, saturated pigment to open up a world beyond black and brown footwear; and hand-paint meaningful symbols, words and illustrations in our preferred version of a luxury tattoo. To us, patina is texture, depth and the epitome of creative spirit — a bold work of art to accompany you on every step of your journey.
Whether you are in the market for a distinctive ready-to-wear shoe crafted with the utmost quality and artistry, or feel inspired to collaborate on a truly one-of-a-kind pair, JMLEGAZEL’s Manhattan location is the ultimate destination for this essential accessory. Offering a taste of the brand’s Parisian roots and workshop, the atelier has an array of special colors, treatments, finishes and processes to suit your needs — from the subtle nuance of a patinated shoe that picks up the precise hue of your suit; to a wonderfully expressive upper hand-painted upon request; to a proper bespoke pair crafted entirely to your specifications.